The Bow Genie – Invented & Patented!

I invented the Bow Genie to teach my students a correct violin and fiddle bow-hold. Turns out it is unique enough to receive a patent and to be made available to everyone.

Designed to fit a variety of different size violin bows, the Bow Genie merely slips over the end of the bow, then slides up to secure itself next to the frog.

Easily attached and easily removed, the Bow Genie tips a player’s hand into the proper angle and keeps the wrist from dropping. By keeping the hand in the correct position, the Bow Genie also helps keep proper pressure on the strings, thus improving the student’s tone.

During a lesson, an eight-year old student tried one of the prototypes. Her mother was sitting in the room reading a book. As soon as the student began using the Bow Genie, her mother looked up and said, “Wow! What is that thing! I want one! I don’t care what it costs!”

Since the Bow Genie must expand and then grip the bow, be careful putting it in place.

Retail cost of the Bow Genie is $9.95 including shipping within the United States.

Teachers, please email us for a bulk quote, if you would like to purchase a quantity of the Bow Genie’s for your students.


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