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pubThe “National Traditional Country Music Association” has announced the induction of Chris Daring into “America’s Old Time Fiddler’s Hall of Fame”.  Some of the existing members of the Hall of Fame include Herman Johnson, Johnny Gimble, Jana Jae, Kenny Baker, Mark O’Connor, and a whole lot more. For more information about “America’s Old Time Fiddler’s Hall of Fame”, “America’s Old Time Music Hall of Fame”, this summer’s festival, and other related actives, go to the website of the “National Traditional Country Music Association”.

As the 1996 National Adult Fiddling Champion and recipient of the Master Artist in Fiddling designation from The Colorado Council on the Arts and The National Endowment for the Arts, I offer the finest in Texas Style Fiddle instruction the old fashioned way, meaning face-to-face in my studio; and a newly fashioned way, meaning, face-to-face online over the internet.


The 1997 Summit of Eight Conference.

Over the years, my family was asked by the Clinton White House to provide the music for the private dinner party of world leaders and their wives at the 1997 Summit of the Eight Conference in Denver, Colorado, and I have performed at locations and occasions such as: the 1998 Baseball All Star Game owners party, the New Mexico State Fair, and my family served as goodwill ambassadors and historical representatives for Central City, Colorado during the summer of 1995.

In addition to the hundreds of private students I’ve taught over the years, I’ve also taught fiddling as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Southern Colorado, the University of Colorado at Denver, and administered the entire strings program at the Denver Waldorf School for nine years.

My Teachers and Student Success


Katie Glassman, Noel Daring, Ginger Dodge, Evan Meeker, Steve Franklin, Chris Daring, Heidi Ludiker (Labensart), Amalie Franklin in front, Andy Daring in back, John Reinhart, Cam Cross, and Greg Meeker at Weiser in 1998.

Among my private fiddle students, one is the 2011 and 2010 National Junior Junior Champion, and one is the 2008 National Junior Junior Champion; another student is the 1998 National Junior Champion and the 2000 Young Adult Champion; two different students have become National Senior Champions and then National Senior Senior Champions. More than thirty students have become Colorado State Fiddling Champions in their respective age groups, several have become Regional Champions, and more than forty have placed in the upper 25% in the Junior Division at the National Fiddling Championships in Weiser, Idaho.

My primary teachers are members of the Texas Fiddlers Hall of Fame, Terry and Dale Morris. Terry, who passed away in 1988, was a Featured Star at the Grand Ole Opry in 1976, and Texas State Fiddle Champion; Dale is a former member of the “Sons of the Pioneers” who also performed with Bill Monroe and Ray Price among numerous other recognizable musicians.

Chris Terry

Andy took this publicity photo of Terry and Chris for the Colorado Council on the Arts in 1988.

Fiddler Magazine featured me in their summer 2003 issue; and an article about my family and me can be found at Westword Magazine’s site.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced sheet music (including sound files) for what will eventually become a large library of arrangements for fiddle tunes, as well as classical violin pieces and theory/agility studies is currently available for purchase by email, and will soon be available here at the website.

I have a new email address as well as a new website; it is, For any of you trying to reach my husband Andy by email, his new address is, He sometimes uses, either way will work.


Fooling around with my family during a photo shoot.

Over the years, we have gathered hundreds and hundreds of photographs. To keep you laughing, individual photos and the galleries (each containing about 25 pictures), will be moved, rotated, and replaced every week or so. Galleries are on different pages scattered around the site.  Hope you enjoy them. As always with websites, follow the links, and please stop by often.

The Bow Genie

I designed and patented the Bow Genie to fit a wide variety of different size violin bows; the Bow Genie merely slips over the end of the bow, then slides up to secure itself next to the frog. The Bow Genie tips a fiddler’s or violinist’s hand into the proper angle and keeps the wrist from dropping. By keeping the hand in the correct position, the Bow Genie helps keep proper pressure on the strings, thus improving the student’s tone. The Bow Genie also comes in black with a shorter cup for the little finger if you prefer.

During a lesson, an eight-year old student tried one of the prototypes. Her mother was sitting in the room reading a book. As soon as the student began using the Bow Genie, her mother looked up and said, “Wow! What is that thing! I want one! I don’t care what it costs!”

For information about Andy’s new book about playing rhythm guitar, click here, Applied Rhythm Guitar.

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